The Better Cotton Fast Track Program

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)  has been formed to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector's future. A major partner speeding up the production of Better Cotton is the Better Cotton Fast Track Program (BCFTP) (533.6 Kb).


The BCFTP is looking for worldwide private and public sector partners. By joining the BCI, you are able to contribute to the next phase of creating a vibrant, socially just and environmentally sustainable ecnomy.


The Program

IDH, together with leading brands, NGOs and other funders have set up this program which channels funds directly to farmer training and improvement programs, all designed around the Better Cotton standard. This allows BCI and its partners to reach more regions, train more farmers and produce more cotton. The aim is that – by 2015 – Better Cotton farmers will be producing well over 1 million metric tonnes of Better Cotton thanks to the Better Cotton Fast Track Program. In this program all the private partners investments are matched up to 100% by a special fund created by Rabobank Foundation, ICCO and IDH.



To support the long term objectives of the BCI

  • By demonstrating the business case for economic, social and the environment
  • By increasing supply chain traceability
  • By facilitating collaborative learning on the effective implementation of the BCI system


To accelerate the implementation of the BCI System

  • By building supply and availability of Better Cotton
  • By building demand for Better Cotton






The partners will work together with the supply chains to achieve their goal of bringing one million metric tons of Better Cotton lint to the market by 2015. Watch a film made by WWF Pakistan about the first Better Cotton harvest in 2010.







Main activities

  • Setting up studies on cotton farmers
  • Developing financing models



Brand Partners:

IKEA, Marks & Spencer, Levi Strauss & Co, H&M, adidas, Tesco, VF Corporation, Tommy Hilfiger Europe, Bestseller and Nike



Rabobank Foundation, ICCO, IDH


Implementing partners


Solidaridad, ACF (Ambuja Cement Foundation), Trident, Arvind, Cotton Connect, WWF India, AFPRO, Pratibha Syntex, Spectrum International, Mahima, ASA



WWF Pakistan






Solidaridad, Huitong, Luthai, Guoxin, Jintian Goldenfields









What IDH can do for you

The BCFT program is open for all companies that want to transform their supply chains and achieve 100% sustainability, as well as for funders who want to invest in the program.

For more information, please contact:
Pramit Chanda - BCFTP Director


T: +91 98111 09022