The Sustainable Coffee Program (SCP) is a global, pre-competitive, public-private initiative; which involves industry and trade partners, (local) governments, NGOs and standard setting organizations in the coffee sector. Our ambition is to help bring global sustainable coffee production and sourcing practices to scale, by aligning stakeholder investments in producer support programs, which aim to improve farmer livelihoods, enable coffee producers to become more resilient in an ever-changing market and increase sustainable yields to meet growing demand.


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As one of the world’s most loved beverages, year on year global coffee consumption has grown steadily - particularly in emerging markets. At the same time, production has suffered from under-investment, poor production practices and adverse climatic conditions. As a result, production has remained below demand. In recent years, leading coffee roasters and national coffee associations have made serious commitments to increase sustainable sourcing. The Sustainable Coffee Program (SCP) will foster these ambitions and help support millions of farmers in the development of a sustainable coffee production system.


Through an innovative collaboration between stakeholders, and by aligning efforts, knowledge, standards and financial instruments, country specific approaches are developed to aid over 4 million coffee farmers in becoming more resilient, and to implement social and environmentally friendly coffee farming techniques. This will increase yield quality and quantity, and will also increase sustainable land use, helping to reduce poverty and protect the environment. The SCP welcomes new members.


Tijmen de Vries (ECF)
‘Taking into account the market situation in the coffee sector, it will be increasingly difficult to meet the growing demand for sustainably grown coffee. The need to address the sustainability issues in the coffee sector on a much larger scale and in a pre-competitive way is evident.’

Tijmen de Vries (ECF)



Steering Committee Members:

JDE Jacobs Douwe Egberts

ECF European Coffee Federation

Conservation International 

IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative




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