Companies need practical tools to identify potential gaps between current remuneration and the recommended living wage, as well as support to undertake projects to reduce the identified gaps.

Roadmap on Living Wages

IDH’s approach to closing a living wage gap is through the Roadmap on Living Wages. To strengthen international alignment and ensure the adoption of an uniform approach regarding living wage, IDH has joined forces with leading companies, sustainability standards and certifications and other organizations in a platform called the Roadmap on Living Wages. Establishing consensus on how to access and measure living wage gaps, will ensure credibility and sustainability of living wage efforts.

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5 Steps

At IDH, we support companies closing living wage gaps by convening sectoral and company commitments, co-designing, co-funding projects and we develop tools to solve some of the many challenges. From there, we support companies in taking effective action to address living wage gaps in their supply chains. We also research best practices at supplier, trader, buyer and retail level that contribute to the payment of a living wage. We go on to share key insights with our partners.

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IDH works with other key organizations including the Global Living Wage Coalition, and ISEAL. IDH also supported an ILO project, in collaboration with Rainforest Alliance and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to advise governments on setting needs-based minimum wages that are more aligned with a living wage.

We also work to find strategies on how best to close a living wage gap. IDH has learned what to take into consideration before starting living wage projects (e.g. a supply chain approach usually works better), what suppliers and workers can do (e.g. social dialogue is key), and what buyers can do to work towards closing living wage gaps (sustainable procurement practices are needed).

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IDH Living Wage Tools

Companies committed to closing living wage gaps need verified living wage estimates from the regions they source from and tools to measure current remuneration and gaps with the recommended living wages. IDH has developed two tools to help companies in this journey.

IDH Living Wage Tools

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Living Wage and Living Income Strategy Leads

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