Call for Proposals: Outcome evaluation of the LABS Progra

IDH is seeking an evaluation consultancy team to support the Life and Building Safety (LABS) Program by conducting an outcome evaluation of the program in India, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Life And Building Safety Initiative (LABS) is a collaborative program by a group of brands focused on shared assessments and a shared standard for Life and Building Safety. LABS Initiative is an industry-driven program, in which multiple brands and retailers are joining forces with public organizations to operate a scalable program to mitigate preventable fire, electrical, and structural safety risks in key apparel, footwear, and accessories-producing countries in a targeted way.

The specific objectives of this evaluation are:
▪ To determine progress being made toward the achievement of planned targets.
▪ To identify strengths of and pitfalls in project design and implementation, as well as any challenges that the project may be encountering, good practices, or how external factors favour or hinder project/program activities.
▪ To issue recommendations for corrective action.
▪ To assess the LABS program’s performance against the key research questions of Relevance, Coherence, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Impact, Sustainability and Lesson learned.

We invite all interested and qualified agencies to carefully review the terms of reference and submit their proposals by August 10th 2023, 5pm CET.

LABS evaluation TOR

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