Terms of Reference – Capturing lessons learned and synthesizing a report from the Dembel-Shalla Sub-Basin Sustainable Landscape program, Ethiopia

IDH accelerates and up-scales sustainable trade by building impact-oriented coalitions of front running companies, civil society, governments, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders in several commodity sectors. IDH brings together businesses, governments, farmers, communities, and civil society to build sustainable governance models in tropical commodity sourcing areas, or landscapes.

Through our production, Protection, Inclusion (PPI) approach, IDH drives sustainability from niche to norm in mainstream markets, delivering impact on areas where agricultural products are grown sustainably (Production), forests and natural resources are safeguarded (Protection), and communities thrive (Inclusion).
Our approach (also known as a jurisdictional or integrated landscape approach) is a framework for inclusive and multi-sectoral land use management and territorial development. Local or state government, private companies, civil society, producers, smallholders, NGOs, and any relevant stakeholders for a given area are integrated into the inclusive governance structure for that area, by being part of landscape coalitions. Coalition members are in charge of defining the vision for their landscape and accompanying targets (through what is called a Production-Protection-Inclusion Compact) as well as identifying and supporting projects that will contribute to the achievement of the targets defined in the PPI Compact. IDH currently works in 22 landscapes globally to co-develop sustainable development solutions with local and international stakeholders.

On basis of these Terms of Reference (“ToR”) IDH aims to select a consultant to collect key learning & insights from its Sustainable Landscape Program2 in the Dembel-Shalla Sub-Basin (DSSB) in Ethiopia, which will be coming to a completion by mid-2023.The consultant is expected to develop a synthesis report that takes stock of all achievements, success factors and challenges linked to the program so the lessons learnt can be used primarily IDH to fine tune future program approaches but also by the program partners and other stakeholders who are interested and or affected by what happens in DSSB landscape.

Questions regarding the assignment or the ToR may be submitted by e-mail to Mahlet Bekele on bekele@idhtrade.org or Hailemariam Kibret on kibret@idhtrade.org with an email subject: “Questions on IDH ISLA Ethiopia lessons learnt capturing assignment”. It is the consultant’s responsibility to ensure this exchange does not affect his/her timely submission of proposal.

Deadline for submission of proposals is 3 March 2023.

Access the Terms of Reference and related annexes below:

Terms of Reference_Capturing Learnings of IDH ISLA Ethiopia Program

Annexes for Lessons Capturing Assignment for IDH ISLA Ethiopia Program