Terms of Reference : Data collection for monitoring the indicators of the memorandum of understanding of the landscape platform (PPI Compact) of the Cavally Region in Côte d’Ivoire

IDH aims to select a consultant to collect and analyze data on projects and initiatives underway in the Cavally region that are relevant to the objectives pursued by the Cavally Region Landscape Coalition in order to provide IDH with an overview of progress made / or under-achieved against each of the objectives of the Production-Protection-Inclusion agreement.

As part of this ISLA program, IDH and the Cavally Regional Council have drawn up the “Schéma Régional d’Aménagement et de Développement du Territoire (SRADT)” and a Green Growth Plan, with the aim of establishing a sustainable land-use planning framework for the region.

Various initiatives are being developed to achieve green growth objectives. IDH and the Cavally Regional Council have also set up a landscape coalition with a solid multi-stakeholder governance structure. This coalition, made up of active players from the private sector, state agencies, NGOs, development financiers, agricultural cooperatives and local populations, signed a memorandum of understanding in which they agreed on a number of commitments to be achieved by 2026, based on the pillars of sustainable production, forest protection and community inclusion.

In 2023, a study have determined the baseline data for the indicators. The new study (subject to this tender procedure) aims to collect and analyze data to facilitate monitoring and better appreciate the coalition’s efforts towards achieving the objectives it has set itself.

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