Terms of Reference – Design and carry out of the Communications Strategy for IDH (Colombia)

IDH is looking for a service provider to design and carry out the Communications Strategy for IDH in Colombia and an action plan, stemming from a SWOT1 and a benchmarking analysis. The Communications Strategy should focus on strengthening the visibility of IDH’s work in Colombia including brand positioning, among others, aimed to improve attraction for fundraising. The service provider will manage the IDH brand in Colombia according to the IDH HQ guidelines, along with a narrative built by the service provider upon inputs given by IDH, that aligns our global mission with specific objectives in Colombia. The strategy includes the design as well as the production of the corresponding communications materials (newsletters, posts for social networks, and engagement in social media at national level, among others specified along this Terms of Reference in Annex 1 and deliverables).

The overall objective of this assignment is to design the Communications Strategy for IDH in Colombia and carry out the linked action plan supported by the narrative building and the production of communications materials. The Annex 1 of this Terms of Reference details the activities of the Communications Strategy including the channels to be used.

The proposal must be submitted to forero@idhtrade.org before July 22nd, 2024 11:59 pm GMT-5.

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