Overview of projects supported by the LDN TAF

Highlights from our projects

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Cinch Markets
Kenya | Pre-investment | Horticulture-based agroforestry
Forest First Colombia
Colombia | Pre-investment | Timber
AQRE Group
Madagascar | Pre-investment | Artemisia
Ejido Verde
Mexico | Pre-investment | Pine chemicals/Forestry industries
African Bamboo
Ethiopia | Pre-investment | Bamboo
Ecookim Coop-Ca
Côte d'Ivoire | Pre-investment | Cocoa/Agroforestry
Colombia | Post-investment | Coffee/cocoa/agroforestry
Cambodia | Pre-investment | Timber/charcoal
Miro Forestry
Ghana & Sierra Leone | LDN Fund investee | Timber
Cacao Oro
Nicaragua | Pre- & post-investment | Cocoa, Coffee, Agroforestry
Mountain Hazelnuts
Bhutan | Post-investment | Hazelnuts
Fairventures Social Forestry
Indonesia | Pre-investment | (Agro)forestry
Kenya | Pre- & post-investment | Timber
Café Selva Norte
Peru | Post-investment | Coffee, Agroforestry

Projecting the producer cashflow

Service delivery models (SDMs) are supply chain structures that provide farmers with services such as training, access to inputs, finance and information. The SDM analysis is a tool for IDH to unpack the relationship between cost of services, impact on the farmer and impact on the service provider’s business. An analysis conducted for a potential forestry outgrower scheme shows, for example, that an outgrower who is intercropping groundnuts before canopy closure and harvesting short-rotational trees at six years, can gain a net income of about US $2,200 in the 6-year period. This could be financially attractive to outgrowers as supplementary income since most of them have farms growing other crops, with the average farm income in the benchmarked region being around US $1,300 per year.

However, patient credit is needed to bridge the initial years during negative cashflow, and the opportunity costs for communities still need to be properly assessed.

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Investor cashflow patterns

Coffee agroforestry – Investment in Café Selva Norte

LDN Insights Report

Sustainable forestry – Investment in Miro

Hazelnuts – Investment in Mountain Hazelnuts

LDN Insights Report