Citrosuco, a significant player in the global juice sector, commits to 100% sustainable sourcing

Citrosuco joins IDH’s Sustainable Juice Covenant

Citrosuco, one of the world’s largest orange juice producers, has joined IDH’s Sustainable Juice Covenant. This is a significant contribution to the Covenant’s momentum in driving sector transformation towards 100% sustainable sourcing.

Launched by IDH in 2017, the Sustainable Juice Covenant is a platform of global sector leaders that have committed to the target of 100% sustainable sourcing, defined according to a set of recognized certification standards, with progress monitored on an annual basis by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers). The Covenant membership base includes some of the largest players in the global juice sector, and in 2018, 4.7 million MT were traded under the Covenant.

Citrosuco is already well-aligned with the Sustainable Juice Covenant, having obtained FSA Gold verification across all own-farms and is a global leader on Rainforest Alliance-certified orange production. Sustainable agricultural practices are also supported through a continuous improvement program with its growers.

“Having the opportunity to join the Sustainable Juice Covenant, we expect to exchange on best practices in sustainable business and to enhance our capacity to positively influence the Juice Sector, so we can work together for a 100% sustainable juice value chain by 2030”, said Mario Bavaresco Junior, CEO of Citrosuco.

This is a significant global player to join the Sustainable Juice Covenant, with substantial own-farm citrus groves, an extensive contract farming network and processing plants in Brazil, operations in Florida, and an extensive distribution network across more than 100 countries. Citrosuco’s product line ranges from orange juice (NFC and FCOJ) to orange-based ingredients (including essential oils; essences; terpenes; and pulps).

Importantly, as a company corporate value, sustainability is addressed across every aspect of Citrosuco’s operations through five cross-cutting sustainability pillars: Governance and Sustainable Development; Climate and Environmental Change; Responsible Value Chains; Social Engagement; and Products for a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle.

Citrosuco’s Sustainability Reports can be found here.