IDH is looking for an experienced consultant to conduct analyses on models of service delivery

This consultant would be hired to build on the past two years of work, in which IDH has developed a methodology to analyse the economic sustainability of Service Delivery Models (SDM). So far IDH has executed a number of analyses with key partners in the coffee and cocoa industries, to expand the knowledge on this topic, IDH is scaling up the number of analyses in the next phase of the SDM work stream. The goal of these case analyses is to give both IDH and the private partner insight in the SDM to identify strengths and areas for development.

Therefore, the hired consultant will execute additional SDM case analyses, based on the methodology that has been developed. The consultant is expected to have experience in agricultural value chains, well-developed analytical and modelling skills, and a track record in working with the private sector. A more elaborate profile and description of the assignment can be found in the Terms of Reference.

IDH requests interested consultants to submit their proposal by January 13, 2017, in accordance with the Terms of Reference.