LICOP, GIZ & IDH emphasise principles of inclusion in advancing living income

The Living Income Community of Practice (LICOP), GIZ and IDH emphasise the principles of inclusion and shared responsibility in advancing living income at the Living Wage & Living Income Summit 2024.

Stephanie Daniels, co-founder of LICOP and senior program director of the Sustainable Food Lab, a global network of leaders dedicated to resilient food systems, stood up during the Celebrating Innovations and Milestones session at the Summit to explain the five principles.

  1. Champion Essential Role of Farmers in Global Sustainability and Resilience
  2. Invest Together in Farmers’ Livelihoods
  3. Leverage Legislation to Benefit Smallholder Farmers
  4. Commit to Long-term Relationships and Due Diligence Practices
  5. Manage and measure Living Income Commitments with Inclusivity

The three organisations ask others to join to action these principles.

“Together, let’s take bold actions to transform these commitments into reality, harness the potential in the aspirational idea of living income, and driving meaningful progress for smallholder farmers globally.”

Download the statement