Call for proposals: Targeted research on LendXS investment of IDH Farmfit Fund

The IDH Farmfit Fund is a EUR 100M  fund that takes high-risk positions in innovative investments in smallholder farmer value chains through supply chain companies, service providers (e.g. fintech) and financial institutions in order to significantly lower the barrier for both commercial investors and development banks to lend to smallholder farmers at scale.

Farmfit Fund has created a learning framework to apply throughout its portfolio in order to create an evidence base to understand and validate its Theory of Change (ToC ). The Fund has decided that the focus of initial research should center on learning about the Fund’s thesis of de-risking to increase access to affordable finance. These insights will be highly valuable to the Fund’s work going forward as well as the smallholder finance sector.

To support the IDH Farmfit Fund in this endeavor, the Fund aims to select a party that can conduct targeted research of the investment in the innovative fintech LendXS. The company introduces innovative technology and financial service delivery methodologies to financial service providers.

The overall objective of the assignment is to contribute to the Fund’s learning agenda by conducting research that explains the effectiveness (why) of specific themes critical to the Fund’s thesis of de-risking to increase access to affordable finance.

Consultants are invited to submit their proposals by December 6th, 2021 (9h00 CET)

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