Call for Proposals – Verification of Seasonal Data (Farmer’s List) under BCI Program

IDH is looking to identify a consultant (individual, firm, or group) to conduct an independent review of the seasonal data submitted by a Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) project in Maharashtra, India.

BCI Collects seasonal data from all participating farmers through field staff of the Producer Unit during the start, in between and end of the season. 

The means of verification should be remote considering the prevailing pandemic situation. All the parameters in the seasonal data need to be checked, including the area, farmer details and needs to be perfectly noted for accuracy and discrepancies (if any). The details on parameters will be shared with the consultant. 

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks: 

  • Defining sample size and methodology based on information provided by the BCI team. 
  • Conducting remote verification (telephonic call) for the selected farmers in Marathi language. 
  • Submitting of final report. 

Please download the full Terms of Reference below.

Download publication

Download publication