IDH launches Call for Proposal for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Impact Monitoring Design and Baseline development

Investments in Land restoration and Sustainable Land Management (SLM) practices are needed to avoid, reduce and reverse land degradation. However, project preparedness can be a major bottleneck for restoration and SLM investment. The LDN Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) was established to help alleviate this bottleneck, and link projects to the LDN Fund and LDN impacts.

The LDN TAF seeks to support the LDN Fund and its investees in developing a harmonized approach towards monitoring of social and environmental impacts, and developing evidence around impacts achieved, especially around impact on the LDN Fund contribution to achieving land degradation neutrality.

The LDN Fund aims to measure each project’s contribution to LDN, in line with the UNCCD LDN Scientific Conceptual Framework. According to this framework, progress towards the Land Degradation Neutrality is measured using three indicators, namely:

  • Land cover (assessed as land cover change);
  • Land productivity (assessed as Net Primary Productivity, NPP);
  • Carbon stocks (assessed as soil organic carbon, SOC).

Procurement procedure and timeline

IDH invites eligible consultants / service providers to submit a proposal for the assignment ‘LDN Impact Monitoring Design and Baseline development’.

Please send a proposal to Any inquiries can also be directed to this email address.

Update! The deadline for submission of the proposal has been extended.

The new deadline for submitting the proposal is the 15th of July 2019.

The Terms of Reference (ToR), elaborating on the assignment and the proposal requirements as well as the proposal selection procedure, can be downloaded below.

Download publication

Download publication