Terms of Reference Baseline Study Colombia Living Income Program

Living income is key to the IDH coffee program strategy for 2021-2025. IDH has been working on living income in the Colombian coffee sector since 2019, when it published the Task Force for Coffee Living Income report.

IDH implements a Living Income Program (2021-2025) in Colombia with the following objectives:

  • Sector governance: convening the Colombian and Swiss coffee sector on the topic of living income and prosperous income and facilitating action and learning on Human Rights Due Diligence legislation in Switzerland.
  • Business practice change: create an action-oriented coffee sector that goes beyond legal compliance, create a stable coffee supply and ensure economically viable coffee production, with Colombia as the starting point.
  • Field-level sustainability: working towards a living income for coffee farmer households is the long-term strategic approach to mitigate human rights risks in the supply chain. More and stable income for smallholder farmers specifically contribute to this.

For the Colombia Living Income Program, IDH is looking for a consultant to conduct a program baseline study, which includes setting baseline values for specific Program KPIs and providing input for program design and learning. The study should combine qualitative and quantitative methods and should include data collection and analysis of actual levels of smallholder farmer income. The consultant is expected to conduct data collection as well as evaluate existing studies and secondary literature.

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* Deadline for submissions is 15 November 2022

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