Terms of Reference: Consultancy Firm to conduct Endline survey for Horti Export II Program

IDH accelerates and scales sustainable trade by building impact-oriented coalitions of front-running companies, civil society, governments, knowledge institutions, and other stakeholders in several commodity sectors. We convene the interests, strengths, and knowledge of public and private partners in sustainability commodity programs that aim to mainstream international and domestic commodity markets. We jointly formulate strategic intervention plans with public and private partners and co-invest with partners in activities that generate public goods.

Based on these Terms of Reference (“ToR”), IDH aims to select a qualified firm to generate comprehensive information on how the project activities have benefited the target group, with a particular focus on the working conditions of smallholder farmers. This involves conducting endline farmer surveys for Phase 2, investigating various aspects such as labour rights, wages, working hours,  and occupational health and safety. The firm will need to differentiate between cooperative members and SME employees/workers, ensuring a thorough evaluation of the socio-economic impact of the project activities. The deliverables include a detailed report with findings and actionable recommendations to improve future project phases, all to be completed within the specified timeframe.

The assignment will be carried out in the period of July 8th to July 26th, 2022.

Tender Process

Tender process
ToR published
14th June 2024
Closing date questions*
19th June 2024
Publication of information notice
20th June 2024
Deadline for submission of proposals**
24th June 2024
Selection of Applicant
27th June 2024
Start of assignment
5th July 2024

* Questions received by IDH after this date will not be answered.

** Proposals submitted after the deadline will be returned and will not be considered in the tender procedure.

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