Terms of Reference: Consulting – Market scoping & value chain assessment study to strengthen climate resilient farming systems in spices & coffee production areas of Karnataka

Project: Digital Agricultural Advisory and Market Linkages for Spice and Coffee Farmers

IDH is looking to conduct a landscape analysis of the select coffee and spices production clusters in Karnataka as a part of the market assessment and scoping study through an external consultancy firm. This study will be a critical part of developing the overall project design for creating interventions in digital advisory, supply chain efficiency and aggregation structures, and on-boarding of committed private sector and civil society partners as a part of the landscape model. The market assessment and scoping study will have following critical components as a part of the work:

1. Landscape analysis on production systems for coffee and spices in Karnataka: The consultancy firm needs to conduct a scoping study to understand: i) Current farming practices (including any Integrated Pest Management practices), challenges to adopt sustainable practices and the current situation of resources utilization, water and soil management, agro-inputs, etc. with a strong focus on actual situation of land use (ii) need of climate smart agriculture for developing climate resilient farming systems in the project geography, iii) existing sourcing model for coffee and spices (harvesting, farm gate aggregation, and sale by farmers), trader, agent and producer dynamics in the coffee and spice supply chain, iv) information needs from women especially around drudgery, wages and to identify engagement methods that can benefit women engaged in coffee (and spices) production.

2. Study and analyze the current aggregation models, post-harvest management and marketing channels for the target value chains of coffee and spices: Critical analysis of the current value chain for coffee and spices grown in the target region (mentioned above) including stakeholder analysis, price and quality analysis and value position.

3. Social and economic aspect: labor conditions and the current wage/income of workers and smallholder farmers and the wage/income gap (compared with a national or state level wage/ income benchmark), sources of income of farmers (on farm: coffee and other products, off farm).

4. Scope for Carbon sequestration and brand development for low-carbon coffee and spices: The consultancy firm should have technical capacity to analyze carbon storage levels in soil and leaf litter of coffee- and spices- based agroforestry systems; Capture the trend of deforestation in coffee agroforestry systems in past one decade and their environmental challenges being faced in the region. The consultant firm should also explore opportunities arising in the zero or low carbon coffee and spices production and how the landscape in Karnataka could be branded or developed to meet this niche market requirement.

*Deadline for submissions March 31 2022.

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