Terms of Reference: Development of IDH Data Strategy


Over the past 14 years in the existence of IDH, data has become increasingly important to take informed decisions, to extract key learnings and insights and to drive the impact of our programs. IDH would like to further develop data as a strategic asset and foster a data-informed culture. To be able to do this, IDH is looking for a consultant to support the development of an organization-wide data strategy.


The objective of this assignment is to develop a first version of a data strategy that covers IDHs 1) strategic vision on data (incl. milestones and targets for the organization) that covers key business processes of IDH (e.g., M&E or research& insights generation) and 2) a data literacy needs assessment and training plan.


We are looking for a consultant that can facilitate an internal process to create an initial data strategy, which captures IDH strategic vision on data to position the organization as a trusted data partner. IDH has worked with data since its inception (2009) and has funded and developed several initiatives linked to data-driven solutions to improve sustainable trade. As we consider data as a strategic asset, we believe it is important to develop a strategy that is owned by IDH’s leadership and that will be a living document.

For more information about this assignment, please have a look at the terms of reference.

Deadline for submitting proposals: 5th of October, 2022 to Heidrun Kollenda at kollenda@idhtrade.org

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