Terms of Reference – Environmental and Social Management Systems Development for Kennemer, Philippines

Kennemer Foods International is a Philippine agribusiness company specializing in the sustainable growing, sourcing and trading of high-quality agricultural crops such as fermented cacao beans sourced from smallholder farmers. Crops produced by Kennemer, and the famers they source from, are net carbon positive: the gains from improved practices and rehabilitation efforts exceed the carbon losses of the production. Kennemer’s Ag technology platform aims to ‘digitize’ farm and farmer management, allowing the company to scale up and better manage risks by bringing complete farm data, product traceability and impact metrics to farmers, buyers, financiers and investors.

The IDH-managed Technical Assistance Facility (LDN TAF) to the Land Degradation Neutrality Fund, seeks to support Kennemer on its path to secure blended financing. In order to do this, IDH invites eligible consultants to submit a proposal for the assignment to develop a robust Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) to ensuring the successful and equitable growth of Kennemer’s operations.

The main objectives of the assignment are:

  • Review Kennemer’s existing policies, procedures, tools, and planning documents
  • Develop an ESMS framework that fully meets investor requirements, and as well as the IFC and CCB performance standards to suit the company’s objectives
  • Map existing elements Kennemer’s E&S tools against this framework
  • Conduct a gap analysis and identify a prioritized list of actions to complete the ESMS
  • Develop an implementation plan for a new Environmental and Social Manager to implement appropriate elements of the ESMS across project design, operational compliance, and impact reporting for the company, including on landscape approach and gender.
  • Provide guidance and templates for any key missing elements of the ESMS

Proposals can be submitted until the 7th of January 2021.

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Download publication