Terms of Reference for Regenerative Agriculture

IDH invites all suitable consultants to submit a proposal to support with a study on business models for regenerative agriculture. IDH aims to further understand, build and demonstrate the business case for regenerative agriculture for different stakeholder groups including (smallholder) farmers, project developers & operators, off-takers, brands, and retailers. The study is intended to fine tune landscape finance, smallholder and SDM approaches to more effectively test, improve and scale climate-smart and regenerative agriculture-based business models.

Proposals can be submitted in English until 7 July 2020 closure of business.

To all interested parties:

  • IDH suggests the main proposal be a maximum of 10 pages (excl. annexes);
  • Interested parties are expected to provide a budget estimate in their proposal that allows delivery on the scope of services as outlined in section 2.  A maximum of 3 scenarios can be included that represent different budget intensity options. In case such scenarios are included it should be clearly described for each scenario which parts of the scope of services are (not) included. IDH is looking for a consultant that can deliver a proposal of the highest quality and based on this may decide to reduce the scope of the assignment to fit available budget.

Download the full Terms of Reference below.

Please see our Q&A sheet for answers on questions we have received about the application process.

Download publication

Download publication