Terms of Reference: Implementation of the local governance structure at Magdalena, Cesar, and Huila PPI Compacts for 2023 and 2024

IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative (“IDH”) accelerates and up-scales sustainable trade by building impact-oriented coalitions of front running companies, civil society, governments, knowledge institutions and other stakeholders in several commodity sectors. We convene the interests, strengths and knowledge of public and private partners in sustainability commodity programs that aim to mainstream international and domestic commodity markets. We jointly formulate strategic intervention plans with public and private partners, and we co-invest with partners in activities that generate public goods.

On basis of these Terms of Reference (“ToR”) IDH aims to select a party to perform the Executive Secretariat that will conduct the implementation of the Magdalena, Cesar, and Huila PPI Post Compacts for 2023 and 2024.

The overall objective of this assignment is to keep the operationalization of the PPI compacts signed in each department through the Executive Secretariat by running the governance structure, planning and implementing activities and initiatives according to the Compacts’ needs, monitoring the progress of the PPI targets, and facilitate communications for successful positioning of the Compacts and their stakeholders regionally and nationally and internationally with the support of IDH.

The proposal must be submitted to Carolina Tenorio and Francisco León at tenorio@idhtrade.org and leon@idhtrade.org before February 20, 2023 before 23:59 pm (COL time).

For more information, access the Terms of Reference below.

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