Terms of Reference: Living wage and Responsible Purchasing Practices Vietnam

IDH aims to select a party to support the IDH branch in Vietnam and the IDH Textile and & Manufacturing Business Unit (IDH T&M BU) in the development of a living wage strategy for the apparel and footwear sector in Vietnam. This strategy is an integral part of the larger IDH T&M BU Wages and Responsible Purchasing Practices (WARP) strategy.

With the support of IDH Vietnam and under the guidance and supervision of the IDH T&M BU WARP team in Utrecht, Netherlands, the consultant will engage with relevant stakeholders and initiatives with the objective of strengthening and further refining IDH’s strategy on living wage through MCCBA and brand commitments in Vietnam.

Interested? Submit your proposal to Verónica Sebá at seba@idhtrade.org by 28 April 2023 17.00 CET.

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Final Terms of Reference Vietnam Support April 2023

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