Terms of Reference Monitoring & Evaluation Consultancy Pool Under Framework Agreement

To support monitoring, evaluation, and learning, IDH is launching an M&E Consultancy Pool of external consultants to support the delivery of MEL products. The overall objective of this Consultancy Pool is to support the MEL products at IDH, ensuring that high-level quality tools and frameworks are developed and implemented; meaningful and verifiable data is collected for the monitoring, evaluation, and learning needs of programs and projects. 

The Consultancy Pool will be divided into five sub-categories – capacity building on M&E topics, MEL framework development, evaluations, remote sensing, GIS data collection and analysis, and GHG emissions measurement and modelling. Consultants/consultancies can participate in one or more of the Consultancy Pool sub-categories. 

The details of Consultancy Pool can be found in the TOR below. The deadline for the submission of proposals is the 22nd June, 2021


Download publication

Download publication