Terms of Reference: PR Agency – Shining a light on the impact we make

IDH is a think and do tank that uses the power of markets to create positive impact on the SDGs. Its DNA is creator-sage, needed to bring the action to the ground so urgently needed.

It uses the central role that businesses play in the economy to create market efficiencies that benefit the environment and society. With its well-established partner network, IDH has built over a decades worth of credible, data-based solutions to solve global resource issues.

We are on the verge of bringing this further to life within our IDH brand, through pragmatic ambition and humble intelligence. We aim to become more of an outspoken thought leader, while continuing to be a partner of choice and value provider to key decision makers. We intend to win more hearts and minds along the way, by sharing our learnings with our most important stakeholders, being the powerful corporates, government policy makers, financial institutions as well as funders, CSO’s and coinvestors.

IDH is looking for a PR and Communication Agency serving as a preferred supplier and long term partner, as we believe in true partnership. We cannot do this alone, and with our focus on Better Income, Better Jobs and Better Environment with Gender equality throughout all the work we do, we have a lot of stories of empowerment to share.

Are you the agency we are looking for? If so, please find the full terms of reference below and submit a proposal!

*Proposal submissions deadline 19 November

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Download publication

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