Terms of Reference: Reviewing IDH Gender E learning module

IDH believes that when the private sector has gender inclusive strategies and gender smart interventions integrated in their core business, their impact increases and their business models will be more commercially viable. This is why gender is included in the three impact areas of IDH: Better Income, Better Jobs, Better Environment. We aim to be a leading example of gender intentional Business Practices and are working towards this through the development of very strategic and objective documents, tools and platforms.

We now seek to engage a gender consultant/company to review and update the IDH gender E-learning module from a general module to creating four gender modules, basic level, advanced level A(for project teams), advanced level B(for management staff)  and an open module. These modules will be applicable to different categories of staff in IDH based on their gender knowledge needs and interests and the open module for IDH partners.

Annex 1 – Detail Request Form

Annex 2 – Letter of Assignment

Annex 3 – IDH General Terms & Conditions for Services

Annex 4 – Statement of Acceptance Draft Contract

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Download publication

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