Terms of Reference: Methodological and training support for the IDH Salary Matrix online tool

IDH aims to select a consultant or a team of consultants to support the work on living wage methodology and training of external partners on the IDH Salary Matrix (“SM”) online tool.

In particular, the Consultant shall provide support with: (i) Living Wage methodological matters, (ii) the development and maintenance of Salary Matrix guidance materials for users, and (iii) trainings to users and partners of the Salary Matrix.

Proposals must be submitted before 19 August 2023 (9:00 AM CET) via email to duchatel@idhtrade.org and mulder@idhtrade.org with the subject line containing: “Tender Support Salary Matrix online tool”.

Annex 1 – Scoring Template

Annex 2 – Model question form

Annex 3a – IDH Code of Conduct

Annex 3b – Safeguarding Policy

Annex 4 Agreement – Letter of Assignment

Annex 5 – IDH General terms and conditions

Annex 6 – Detail Request Form – Letter of Assignment

Annex 7 – Statement of acceptance

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Download publication

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