Terms of Reference: Senior Stakeholder Manager, Madhya Pradesh Landscape Initiative

Madhya Pradesh Landscape Initiative (MPLI) aims to improve the incomes of smallholder cotton farmers, at scale. Our initiative is essential to expanding the existing farm-based/ project-based engagements into a sustainable landscape  to scale regenerative and restorative production practices, benefiting environment, community and local economy. We will improve smallholder livelihoods within a jurisdiction, addressing issues such as diversifying incomes and sources of finance, improving access to markets and leveraging the involvement of other sectors to build a common agenda. The program will enable partnerships that deliver on social and economic, but also environmental challenges (such as managing water as a resource and soil health) that have long term impacts on the economic opportunity potential for smallholders and the local supply chains.

The selected candidate will work closely with IDH in convening stakeholders to achieve shared governance of targets to drive public and private policy innovations; developing clear market incentives; and linking the supply chain to the sourcing areas.

Application deadline: 5 September 2020

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