Terms of Reference: Soy Monitoring Report Europe 2018

IDH is looking for a suitable consultant to conduct the Soy Monitoring Report 2018.

The IDH soy monitoring report is an annual report, with the objective of improving the data every year. This assignment will continue the work of monitoring responsible soy market uptake in Europe, following the publication of the first report this year. While giving an overview for all countries, this report is foreseen to especially dive into the top 10 European countries in terms of size of their imports, thereby also including Eastern Europe; as well as the respective sectors. The report will identify gaps, barriers and opportunities for actions to take by different stakeholders along the supply chain in each country.

The deadline for proposals is 18 August 2019. For more information download the Terms of Reference.

For more information about our work in soy,  please visit IDH soy page.

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Download publication