Terms of Reference: Materiality Assessment for Alternative inputs for Textile Materials

IDH wants to explore the landscape for alternative material inputs, specifically for polyester and man- made cellulosic fibres (MMCF), whilst assessing the commercial viability for the private sector in the textile sector. On basis of these Terms of Reference, IDH aims to select a party that will conduct a Materiality Assessment for Alternative Inputs for Textile Materials.

The objective of the research is to conduct a robust materiality assessment of viable next generation alternative feedstocks, including and not limited to pre-consumer waste, post-consumer waste, alternative agricultural inputs, bio-based inputs, or microbial inputs.

We invite consultants with extensive experience working with the textiles and apparel sector, and who bring with them conceptual clarity of global value chains, a strong understanding of common sourcing models for industry, and understanding of and the ability to capture, analyse and structure robust assessments of the environmental impacts of textile production processes.

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