Terms of Reference: The business opportunity for an integrated sustainability agenda (intersectionality between livelihoods, climate & gender)

*Updated deadline for submissions May 5th 2023

The world is facing multiple issues at the same time (food crisis, energy crisis, climate change, increased poverty, gender inequality, pandemic, conflicts). Many of these issues are interlinked and have similar causes that feed into each other. Therefore, it is not effective to address these issues on their own or from “one angle” only. We need to tackle them through a systemic approach.

With this assignment, we want to prove that there is a business case for an integrated sustainability agenda and offer insights and guidance on how to make an integrated agenda work in practice. This will be done by creating clear guidance on how companies can start working on an integrated sustainability agenda. Download the full Terms of Reference below for more information and to submit a proposal.

Download publication

Download publication

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