Terms of Reference (TOR): Primary farmer data collection tool

The overall objective of the assignment is to develop and implement a methodology to collect reliable farm level data as input to SDM analyses conducted by IDH.  For more information see the document below. 

About Farmfit and this assignment:

The 500 million smallholder farmers globally are deprived from essential services to properly develop their farming systems and increase household incomes. In Africa, regional food security for the rapidly growing population crucially depends on the successful integration of smallholder production in regional value chains. This requires companies, civil society and governments to innovate together, develop business models and forge new supply chain collaborations. IDH Farmfit Business Support drives this transformation by supporting companies and financial institutions to analyze, innovate, and scale up their smallholder business models.

Using IDH’s Service Delivery Model (SDM) methodology, Farmfit analyzes the business models of companies providing services to smallholder farmers. Using the insights of the analyses, we design and co-invest in innovation projects to further improve or scale the farmer engagement model of the companies.  To further strengthen this methodology, IDH is looking to integrate primary farm data collection among the smallholders/households the company is serving.

Deadline to submit proposals: May 3, 2019
Selection of consultant: May 10, 2019
Start of Assignment: May 20, 2019

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