Terms of Reference: Sabah PPI Compact Development and Baseline Study

IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative’s Landscapes program is an intervention that drives transformative systemic change towards sustainable trade. Agricultural and forestry commodities are being produced at an increasing rate while problems like deforestation, water stress, biodiversity loss and soil erosion are becoming increasingly acute.

A crucial component of the IDH strategy is the achievement of a sustainable landscape that will supply deforestation-free and environmentally responsible production to the markets. This is being materialized via Production, Protection, Inclusion (PPI) Compacts where there is an agreement between public, private and civil society (including community) stakeholders to enhance the sustainability and productivity of land, secure community livelihoods, and ensure forest/natural resources protection in a given landscape.

To that end, IDH aims to select a consultant to conduct a baseline study and support the development of Production, Protection, Inclusion (PPI) Compacts in 2 landscapes in Sabah: Kinabatangan and Kunak. Please find the details of PPI Compact development and baseline study requirements in the TOR below.
*The deadline for the submission of proposals is the 3rd of September, 2021.

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