Introducing the Sustainable Procurement Kit

The Sustainable Procurement Kit helps you to get transparency about the impact of your procurement on living wage. Companies can use the Kit to assess the degree to which the price paid for a particular product enables the payment of a living wage at the supplier level.

The Sustainable Procurement Kit allows you to compare current commodity prices with several sector-, country-, and region-specific information covering productivity and purchase data, labour data and living wage benchmarks. Download the user guide for more information or guidance in the process of data collection, use of the tool, and interpretation of the results.

The kit has been inspired by the Malawi Tea 2020 sustainable procurement model, which was developed by IDH in collaboration with Oxfam GB. After being tested by leading tea companies, IDH revised the model to facilitate its future use in other tea producing countries and other sectors where it works on closure of living wage gaps.

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Only by understanding the impact of purchasing decisions on suppliers’ ability to pay a living wage, can we hope to create more sustainable procurement practices. The IDH Sustainable Procurement Kit aims to support buyers in this understanding. For example on the economic consequences for producers' sourcing strategies. This will also help to better enable realistic and sustainable living wage targets to be set and met.

Will Battle - IDH sustainable procurement advisor, and former tea buyer

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