643In recent years Vietnam has become the top producer of pepper, 2nd top producer of coffee, 3rd producer of aquaculture products and 5th producer of tea globally. For these reasons, in January 2012, Vietnam became the first country where IDH established a in-country presence. Starting from a role as “eyes and ears for IDH programs in Vietnam”, IDH increasingly played a role in driving the IDH program agenda in the country. This role grew over the years and expanded further in 2015. 

Having started working in 2010 primarily in aquaculture, by now the IDH Vietnam portfolio includes 6 sector programs and 1 landscape program. The landscape approach brought a shift in the way IDH approaches the sector programs and “landscape thinking” started to emerge also e.g. in the aquaculture program. 2015 was also the year when IDH, through the apparel/footwear program, expanded its focus from agriculture to manufacturing, bringing broader partnerships at both public and private level.

The most important highlights and key achievements per program were:

  • Aquaculture: 9,251 tons of shrimp, 7,676 tons of pangasius and 688 tons of tilapia obtained sustainable certification, a public-private cooperation agreement signed by key partners in the sector, an action plan for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s Aquaculture under development.
  • Cocoa: 2,426 farmers received training, 2,866 tons of cocoa bean received sustainability certification, the PPP governance was expanded and enhanced its activities.
  • Coffee: 21,035 farmers received direct training, 8,000 farmers were trained indirectly, the Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB) was strengthened further in its ability to influence policy, the National Sustainability Curriculum was consolidated with six training modules and approved by MARD (Department of Crop Production), the Rejuvenation Action Plan was approved by MARD, the 5th Coffee forum was organized with 150 participants from public, private and NGO sector.
  • Spices: the Spices Taskforce under the Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture in Vietnam launched and convened key PPP partners to jointly address the agrochemicals issues. Through the only remaining “traditional” field level project 89 farmers received training and 89 ha of land managed using sustainable techniques.
  • Cotton: a supply chain platform was created to increase visibility of Better Cotton Initiative in cotton trading system of Vietnam.
  • Tea: 2,282 farmers received training and Rainforest Alliance certificate, 11,093 tons of tea was RA certified, the Tea Taskforce was strengthened to present sector issues to the government, jointly address the agrochemicals issues while utilizing public and private sector impacts. A new project with the Vietnam Tea Association was also launched to bring sector-level changes on pesticide use.
  • Apparel: alignment of key brands and government agencies on the key issues needing to be addressed was reached. Two conference and various bilateral meetings organized to raise awareness on sustainable issues of the sectors to the public and private sector, on a national and precompetitive level, took first steps in designing the field level activities in Vietnam.
  • Initiative for Sustainable Landscapes (ISLA): Trend and problem analysis was shared as a basis for establishing a joint governance, the water working group and agroforestry working group were established to create an integrated landscape approach among stakeholders, devising an action plan and design interventions.

Vietnam sectors



  • Race to the Top

    The multi-stakeholder Race to the Top initiative was co-created to reshape the Vietnamese apparel and footwear sector by promoting and enabling locally embedded sustainable manufacturing practices

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    Race to the Top
  • Sustainable Spices Initiative

    The Sustainable Spices Initiative pushes for interventions that create more farm level impact and cater to specific issues and geographies.

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    Sustainable Spices Initiative

The team in Vietnam

  • Huynh Tien Dung

    Country Director Vietnam

    +84 91 352 4711

  • Chi Tran Quynh

    Landscape Manager, Vietnam

    +84 91 354 7712

  • Thi Mai Anh Nguyen

    Program Manager Apparel

  • Do Thi Thanh Huyen

    Senior Officer - Communication , Administration

    +84 243 200 0741

  • Linh Dieu Nguyen

    Program officer Landscapes

  • Lien Thi Nguyen

    Program officer Coffee

  • Cam Thuy Nguyen

    Program officer Spices

    +84 12 345 6790

  • Mai Pham Thi Thanh

    Program Assistant, Vietnam

  • Sokhuot (Shane) Ung

    Country Manager LABS Vietnam

  • Son Hong Ngo

    Senior Factory Coordinator

  • Bui Dinh Chu

    Factory Coordinator LABS

Office details


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