Data and insights to scale effective service delivery to smallholders

Whether you are looking to improve existing relations with farmers, or planning new ones, Farmfit Business Support facilitates the journey

Farmfit Business Support is based on a data-driven methodology which analyzes smallholder engagement strategies across value chains, sectors and geographies. The methodology helps businesses understand the conditions that services provided to smallholder farmers (such as training, access to inputs, finance and information), can be efficient and cost-effective, with a sustainable return on investment.

With over 50+ models of smallholder service delivery analyzed, in 20 counties, the Farmfit methodology has collected key insights on best practices and the drivers for farmer resilience and business sustainability. These insights enable farmers, service providers and investors to make smarter decisions for profitable smallholder farming.

Our analytic tool reveals the economic viability and effectiveness of your service delivery to smallholders. It allows you to compare your business model and the specific farmer services offered to those of your peers. And provides a snapshot of your model’s costs and services, creating a new basis for decision-making and innovation.

Using the initial data collected, we then guide and support you in trialing new service delivery models. As projects are often innovative and innately risky, grant funding is sometimes required for a portion of the project. Therefore, co-funding and support are available for project set-up and implementation.

We provide blended finance and act as a neutral broker on your behalf, to take you your service delivery model to scale.  We match-make your financing needs to the most suitable investors and support in deal preparation, design and monitoring and evaluation over time.

A basic service delivery model

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