Global Coffee Platform (GCP)

IDH Coffee Program and GCP have a been partners since the founding of the GCP. GCP and IDH share a common vision of a thriving, sustainable coffee sector which implies the expectation of farmers’ prosperity based on closing the living income gaps, workers’ well-being, equitable distribution of value and risk, and conservation of nature.

IDH and GCP are collectively working with the broader GCP member base to create:

  • Transformative change for smallholders by significantly moving the coffee sector towards the economic viability of coffee farming and the closing of living income gaps in selected countries through scaling up innovative approaches and sharing learnings with clearly measurable outcomes on farmer incomes over time.
  • Transitioning the private sector to 100% sustainable coffee sourcing through encouraging and enacting principles of shared responsibility for sustainability.

This includes creating a clear definition and articulation of the difference between responsible sourcing and sustainable sourcing, exploring concepts of value and risk distribution with the GCP Membership to address and advance farmers’ prosperity systemically, as well as measures to motivate uptake of these principles and report on progress for different segments of the value chain.

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