Forging New Models of Economic Empowerment for Cocoa Producers

The Farm and Cooperative Investment Program (FCIP) was set up in 2016 to increase the bankability and access to finance for cocoa farmers and cooperatives.  Through FCIP, farmers will have both the knowledge and capital to sustainably invest in their farms and manage their organizations, creating more productive farms and improved livelihoods.

How it Works

Côte d’Ivoire is the world’s largest cocoa producing nation, and is the target of the program. In order to help farmers and cooperatives in this country be able to make sustainable investments in their farms, the Cocoa Challenge Fund (CCF) was set up to financially supports banks, micro finance institutions, and commercial agribusiness. Within the enabling environment of the CCF, farmers and cooperatives get access to products such as mid and long-term loans for farm inputs, replanting, and building storage units for cocoa. A diverse package of offerings, including savings products, is available to help cocoa producers grow their businesses.

Overall Goals by 2020

  • 150,000 professional farmers with access to medium and/or long-term loans
  • 300 professional cooperatives with access to medium and/or long-term loans
  • 4-5 banks or MFIs offering medium- and long-term loans to cocoa farmers and cooperatives (financial products for medium- and long-term loans to cooperative/cocoa farmers are available)
  • A financial environment and an administrative/regulatory framework are available for the emergence of a new class of cooperative and farmer-entrepreneurs in the cocoa sector



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Approach: Innovative Finance

Sector: Cocoa

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