International Coffee Organization (ICO)

The ICO, as a representative of the coffee producing and consuming governments, is an important partner to IDH. Through the Coffee Public and Private Taskforce (CPPTF), the ICO brings together both public and private sector actors, to implement the London Declaration for coffee.

IDH takes up a supportive role in the CPPTF through active participation in the technical workstreams, ensuring alignment between the progress on the Roadmap and IDH origin programs – specifically in Kenya and Vietnam -, and working in collaboration with Sustainable Food Lab and the World Coffee Producer Forum on the concept of Living Income as a key milestone towards prosperity. Also IDH supported the ICO in the planning and facilitation of the 4th CEO&Global Leaders Forum in October 2022 in Colombia.

The overall goal of the partnership is to work closely with ICO representatives to normalize concepts around living income, value distribution, risk distribution and policy alignment.

Go here for more information on ICO, the Coffee Public Private Taskforce, the Roadmap.