Key Partner Meeting – Food Trade and Resilience program

Join us February 22 and 24, 16:00-19:00 CET (both days)

Here’s a peek at our journey over these two days

Suggested reading before this meeting

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  • AGRA Policy Brief

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  • IDH’s Farmfit’s approach

    Strategies for Private Sector Development

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About the Food Trade Resilience program

In this innovative partnership between IDH and AGRA, AGRA brings its extensive expertise in advocating for better policies to enable trade in sub-Saharan Africa, and IDH brings its track record in working with the private sector to develop effective, sustainable, and scalable business models for delivering services to smallholder farmers. Together, the program aims to create a more robust enabling policy and regulatory environment conducive to private sector participation. Together, we think that this approach can increase regional food trade, improve food security and nutrition, economic opportunities, and capture value within the region.

What you can expect 

Having now worked with over 90+ business models, IDH Farmfit has bundled some key success factors and critical limitations that block or enable businesses to thrive into three new strategies for private sector development. AGRA will share its recent insights from policy predictability, strategic food reserves, and regional balance sheets.

Your feedback is crucial

We invite you to shape and build this transformational agenda. Please join us as we:

  • Share insights on private sector development strategies and policy work to understand what is useful and what is missing.
  • Learn from each other to enrich the private sector development strategies and the policy advocacy agenda.
  • Identify areas for collaboration across sub-Saharan Africa.

If you need help with registration, please email Azi Baski at