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Unlock the future of ethical supply chains with the Living Wage Assessment


As the demand for systematic living wage measurements grows across diverse supply chains,
we’re here to empower your journey.

Our Living Wage Assessment is designed to meet the pressing needs of companies and verification schemes by providing insights into supplier and producer living wage status, supply chain risks, gap-closing strategies, and transparent reporting. This assessment also equips you to fulfil Living Wage Due Diligence requirements.

With our customizable service packages, we ensure accessibility and precision.

What sets us apart? We’re not a solo player; our Salary Matrix tool employs a robust methodology supported by a vibrant living wage community.


We are committed to delivering a crystal-clear and transparent offering model by year’s end. Stay tuned on this website and our communication channels for in-depth insights into our offerings.

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Our dedicated team is ready yet to provide all services tailored to your unique needs.
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Our data and calculations are:

  • Based on uniform methodology supported by the living wage community​

  • Reliable, consistent & accurate

  • Safe and stored with a trusted partner​


Get started with a self-assessment using our Salary Matrix tool 


A self-assessment with the Salary Matrix is a first step to gain insights how the total remuneration (wages, bonuses and in-kind benefits) compares to the relevant living wage benchmarks in your region.

Before getting started, we strongly recommend exploring our Salary Matrix E-Learning Site.

Living Wage Assessment services

  • Pre-roll out package

    This pre-roll out assessment offers a comprehensive intake risk analysis and introductory sessions on the concept of living wage your suppliers and facilities to better understand the current situation and prepare for the next steps of the living wage assessment.

  • Salary Matrix Roll-out Support

    Our Salary Matrix roll-out support, crucial for ensuring data quality, includes methodological and technical assistance through specialized training sessions and continuous helpdesk support, complementing the e-guidance provided.

  • Digital auditor portal

    By connecting external auditors to the digital tool, we streamline the Salary Matrix process, offering clients a user-friendly, fully integrated, and scalable solution for verified data across their entire supply chain.

  • Access to results of supply chain

    Enabling access to supply chain results is essential, ensuring clients have insights into selected data points and are prepared to meet their Due Diligence requirements. Through automated data sharing processes (with supplier/facility consent), we deliver valuable insights, facilitating transparency and informed decision-making.

  • Action-oriented package

    Our action-oriented services are designed to empower clients with actionable steps derived from our calculations and insights. We assist clients in translating data into impactful measures aimed at closing living wage gaps effectively.

  • Extended insights report

    We provide clients with tailored extended insights reports, offering in-depth analysis on specific topics, regions, and more, based on their individual requests and needs.

Ready to transform your supply chain with a living wage assessment?

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