IDH supports companies in taking action towards closing the living income gap

Income measurement survey now available

To close the living income gap, a company must first get a picture of farming households’ net actual income.

At present, companies often only collect data on the crop(s) sourced. However, to understand farming households’ net actual income, it is essential to collect data on total smallholder actual income, which often includes non-focus crop income. Obtaining this data helps companies gauge the size of the living income gap against benchmarks and informs effective strategies to increase total actual income. Once a strategy is set, it can also help companies monitor progress in increasing actual incomes.

To support companies in collecting data on smallholder households’ total actual income, IDH has developed Income Measurement Surveys.

Currently, two surveys are available that focus on coffee and cocoa primary data collection. These sectors are leading in committing to take action on closing the living income gap amongst their supplier bases. Another survey is in development for tea, and IDH is exploring other commodities.

The Income Measurement Survey is composed of 2 documents: 1) the User Guide (PDF) and 2) Intake Form and Farmer Survey (excel).

The User Guide provides a short theoretical and methodological basis for the survey, an overview and breakdown of each survey module, and detailed guidance on using the intake form to customize the farmer survey to the user’s local context. After customization via the Intake Form, the Farmer Survey will be ready for inputting into your preferred data collection tool.

The Income Measurement Survey helps to demystify income diversification, in alignment with the Living Income Community of Practice (LICoP) guidance on household income composition. It also creates a foundation for income data collection comparability and key variables related to the data collection output. Due to the diversity of tools already available to enable primary data collection, IDH has delivered a customizable survey.

To receive the Income Measurement Survey, please submit your information below. You will receive an email containing the documents. Be sure to check your SPAM folder if you have not received the email.

    If you have any questions about the survey or would like to collaborate with IDH to take action on living income, please get in touch!