New indicators to track and evaluate gender-equality interventions

To empower more organizations to invest in their workforce and ensure the equal treatment of women and men, a harmonized set of key performance indicators (KPIs) has been created to record and monitor the costs and outcomes of investing in policy change in the workplace.

The new set of Gender Equality Intervention KPIs has been extrapolated to become a toolkit that will enable organizations to:

  • Gather essential evidence using a set of harmonized indicators
  • Document the effort and results of implementing interventions
  • Clearly communicate positive changes achieved to buyers, consumers, and other stakeholders
    • % female in managerial position
    • % gender wage gap
    • % absenteeism
    • % gender-based violence or health related incidents
    • Cost-benefit ratio of gender interventions
  • Better plan and act by providing vital information that can be used for adjusting activities and achieving success
  • Provide evidence to feed discussions about female empowerment and gender equality interventions

The set is conceived by IDH, and developed together with the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) and the FSI Working Group on Gender. It follows from extensive research on gender-equality interventions in the floriculture sector carried out since 2014.

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