Clean Manufacturing Project

Implementing Partner: PT. Pindo Deli Pulp and Paper Mills

Other partners involved:  APP and Voith

Duration: June 2016 – May 2017

Issues Addressed: 

  • current energy use (electricity and steam) which is still considered at higher level than best in the world (benchmark)
  • stakeholder pressure in the carbon emission whilst facts faced by the Mill due to located in Java island where fossil fuel become major option
  • currently mill has various action plans related to energy efficiency, but they are mostly implemented as separated projects and less integrated.

About the Project

Besides raw materials, energy is the main cost driver in paper production. However, cost is not the only driver making sustainability more attractive; today sustainable practices in the paper industry are fundamental in achieving corporate and operational excellence. Basis for an efficient energy reduction is a sophisticated energy analysis.

Energy reduction analysis will give more detailed impression on selected top energy saving possibilities. This will lead to clear and categorized recommendations for overall energy consumption reduction.

It is envisioned that through the development of processes that enable information exchange, awareness building, dissemination and discussions, both within and outside the Company business unit, practical best practices [lessons learned] will be derived, disseminated, implemented and will create better management system in the Mill in terms of efficient resource usage and maintaining a sustainably managed factory.

Project Goals:

  1. Establish an electrical and steam usage baseline for the Company’s manufacturing equipment/facilities;
  2. Recommendations (Roadmap for improvement) for new and/or improved technologies to reduce electricity and steam usage, for the whole facilities of the mill; and
  3. Implementation of improvement actions to reduce electricity and steam consumption.

Activities involved:


Clean manufacturing activities









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