Pilot Public and Private Investment in Efficient Irrigation System

Farmers Reached or Proposed: 1200

Size of land: 250 ha

Duration: 2016 – 2018

Implementing Partner: DWR

Partners Involved: Hung Long JSC , Thành Nghĩa Agriculture Cooperative, Institute for Water, Environment and Irrigation, Center for Irrigation Consultant and Technology Transfer


About The Project

There is a rising need for the development and application of a new model for irrigated vegetable production. Advanced water saving irrigation solutions should be adopted to cope with drought and climate change. In this project, a model of water saving irrigation at small-scale will be developed for vegetable production and efficient and sustainable water sources exploitation in Don Duong district, as a model for irrigation and sustainable development of 4,000 hectares of arable land along Da Nhim river in Don Duong district.

The project aims to cover these impact areas:

  • Improved landscape competitiveness as sustainable sourcing area
  • Improved household income/ resilience
  • Increased number of smallholders with (food) crop diversity
  • Decreased water pollution levels in the main water bodies in the landscape
  • Stable or increased water quantity in key ground and surface water sources in the landscape.

By implementing these strategies:

  • Development and up gradation of irrigation system including pumping station, canals, storage ponds, on-farm irrigation system, introducing water pricing system accordingly with water volume used
  • Piloting and promotion of sustainable irrigation models in vegetable production for an arable land strip along Da Nhim river and downstream of Da Nhim district.



For more information:

Trần Thị Quỳnh Chi | chitran@idhsustainabletrade.com

Lê Thị Kim Cúc | cucltk@wrd.gov.vn