IDH considers RTRS as the focal point of all its efforts in the soy sector and in related programs, such as the Mato Grosso landscape program.

Since the very start IDH has supported RTRS in numerous ways:

  • Institutional support to the RTRS organization
  • Institutional and communication support to the annual RTRS conference.
  • Support RTRS through outreach in soy producing countries
  • Boosting market demand for RTRS amongst its industry partners
  • Creating the covenant for 100% RTRS soy use of products sold in the Netherlands (achieved in 2015)
  • Promoting best practices among soy producers to convert to RTRS
  • Area mapping
  • etc…




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Type: Global

Country: Argentina

Sector: Soy

There are two kinds of companies: those that sell sustainable products... and those that will...


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