Improving prospects of young people in tea communities

IDH has build a partnership with UNICEF, Typhoo and ETP Members (Tesco, TGB, Taylors and OTG) to work with 350 communities on more than 100 tea estates in Assam. Aiming to improve prospects of young people in tea communities and reducing their vulnerability to trafficking.

The program will target families in 350 communities linked to 100 tea estates, and will specifically:

  • Equip more than 25,000 girls with the knowledge and “life skills” that will help them secure a better future and reduce their vulnerability to violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Give more than 10,000 community members the knowledge and training to protect children from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.
  • Make families in each community aware of children’s rights and the support they can call on to help educate and protect their children.
  • Work with state and district government to improve the quality of education and the effectiveness of child protection policies to help make a sustainable difference to the lives of children now and in many years to come.