How we’re making a difference revitalizing the Malawian tea industry for workers to earn living wages

By bringing together an action-oriented coalition of Malawian tea producers, trade unions, international tea buyers, relevant certification standards, NGOs, and donors, Malawi Tea 2020 aims to unlock orchestrated activities in order to improve productivity, increase quality, and improve the livelihoods of workers. A Roadmap has been developed and is now being implemented to:

  • Revitalize the Malawi tea industry
  • Empower Malawi Tea workers and improve their livelihoods and create opportunities for women
  • Improve buyer procurement practices

As a result, we aim to achieve by 2020 a profitable, competitive Malawi tea industry where workers earn a living wage.

Read here about how we’re making a difference revitalizing the Malawian tea industry for workers to earn living wages.

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