Pakistan Buyers’ Forum

The mission of the Buyers’ Forum is to create a platform to facilitate and promote discussion on Buyers’ codes of conducts including national and international law as well as international best practices, and their implementation in Pakistan.

This Forum brings together sector stakeholders, in order to create a platform for dialogue to improve their cooperation towards a sustainable growth of the sector, improving competitiveness, and compliance with international standards.

The engagement of buyers, brands and all relevant stakeholders is paramount to build the path towards improved workers safety and better compliance with labour and environmental standards in Pakistan’s textile and garment industry, ensuring the sector remains attractive to international buyers.

With three Working Groups, the Pakistan Buyers Forum will contribute to a more sustainable Pakistani apparel sector.

Working Group 1 aims to improve dialogue between the Pakistani government – with particular involvement of the Ministry of Textile Industry, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development – and private sector players active in Pakistan.

Working Group 2 focuses on enterprise improvement and capacity building programs. The Working Group is currently identifying areas where capacity building is needed most.

Working Group 3 will market the Pakistan Buyers Forum. By showcase the work of the forum, Working Group 3 will convince more buyers and stakeholders to join the forum.

Mapping of the Pakistan Buyers’ Forum: PBF Mapping Study 2015