Green Growth Plan

Duration of the project: 2015 – 2020

Implementing Partner: South Sumatra government & ICRAF

“The province of South Sumatra is embarking on an ambitious program for green growth. I’m committed to create a sustainable landscape in my province that will involve different key commodities including pulp, palm oil, coffee and mining. I believe there is a need for partnership of players across these commodities to realize a sustainable landscape. That is the only way to address the sustainability challenges holistically.”

– Alex Noerdin, South Sumatran Governor

About the Project

IDH together with the South Sumatra government and other stakeholders develop a landscape coordination structure. This structure will serve as the umbrella of all activities related to green growth initiatives in the province. The provincial govern­ment will enshrine the governance structure in law and civil service structures, to ensure its long-term sustainability.

The World Agroforestry Centre, ICRAF, will develop the plan in a multi-stakeholder approach. ICRAF’s work starts with the modelling of different devel­opment scenarios of the land-based sector and their ex-ante economic, social, and environmen­tal impacts. These will, through a process of multi-stakeholder consultations and negotiations, be translates into a spatially-explicit land-use plan with a detailed focus on the districts of Musi Banyuasin and Banyuasin.

The plan will then support the stakeholders to develop priority areas for action, the objectives and targets of any interventions contributing to green growth, as well as policy changes that may be required.


  • Review and improve spatial planning (with special attention to critical landscapes such as peat)
  • Review and improve legal frameworks required for achieving the green growth objectives
  • Providing resources and securing funding
  • Collaborate with other governmental bodies to further the institutionalization of the green growth plan.