IndoAgri Sustainable Smallholder Program

Implementing partnerIndoAgri group

Other partners:  RSPO

Country/region: Indonesia

Targeted volume/area: 318 ha

Target: Establishment of a baseline and internal capacity

Project duration: N.A

Project summary:

The Sustainable Smallholder Program aims at Increasing smallholder productivity and traceability in order to reduce deforestation rates.

Challenges & Opportunities

In 2015, increasing productivity and traceability presented the driving rationale to reduce deforestation rates. Within the same year, IDH recognized that substantial changes in governance and a reduction of the opportunity costs for not engaging in deforestation are requisites (along with increasing productivity and traceability) for the programs success.

Key Project KPIs:

  • Number of smallholders trained in palm oil GAP: 1,150
  • Number of hectares certified/verified sustainable: 318
  • Change in smallholder productivity: 20%
  • Number of farmers in effective farmer organisations: 300
  • Proportion of mills linked to a monitoring or verification system: 100%

Wider benefits/global impact claim:

Apart from increasing productivity of smallholders already cultivating palm oil, this program aims at indirectly reducing deforestation rates and increasing the quantity of sustainably produced palm oil.


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